Ivario Enterprises Reaches New Milestone: 5 Million USD in Revenue Sold While Helping Homes in California, Florida, Illinois, Utah and Texas

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 2:41pm UTC

Ivario Enterprises Reaches New Milestone: 5 Million USD in Revenue Sold While Helping Homes in California, Florida, Illinois, Utah and Texas

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MIAMI, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Ivario Enterprises announced recently they achieved a new milestone: they have sold $5 million dollars in revenue helping homes in California, Florida, Illinois, Utah and Texas move to solar energy.

Recent market news shows that when homeowners decide to rent their property, whether for short or long terms, incorporating solar energy systems can offer various benefits.

Precisely, one of Ivario Enterprises' recent focuses is expanding its resources by partnering with Freedom Forever as its installer. In the solar sector, warranties are held by the installer.

If panels need maintenance, the installer will go work on the equipment at no cost. If the installer goes out of business, the customer is left with no help. Most sales reps don't consider these factors because they're wanting to make money in a short time frame.

"With our decision to partner with the largest installer we've seen an increase in referrals. In the consulting and construction business, referrals are the strongest form of business and can create a huge ripple effect in your customer base. It's hard to do business right long-term if you're always needing to acquire it through your own efforts. There is a specific process to follow with expectation and delivery for referrals to come in, but we know the processes for it to work for homeowners so they're happy and want to share it with friends and family." Mario Garcia, the expert behind Ivario Enterprises recalls.

Ivario Enterprises has also reported that more and more sales representatives are preferring the "revenue share" sales model over the "redline" sales model when it comes to solar energy. This is news-worthy for 2024.

While profitability is key for companies like Ivario Enterprises, other factors, including return on investment, continue to be vital. Each option has its own pros and cons, catering to varying investor objectives, preferences, and risk levels.

For short-term rentals, solar power can attract environmentally conscious travelers and reduce electricity costs, increasing profitability. For long-term rentals, solar energy provides stable energy costs, making the property more appealing to tenants and potentially leading to longer stays.

Additionally, solar-powered properties have higher resale values and attract a broader range of buyers or renters. Overall, using solar energy in rental properties offers a competitive edge, increased property value, and potential cost savings.

Ivario Enterprises' business ventures are diverse, ranging from short-term and long-term rental real estate to solar management. Their approach to real estate is strategic, focusing on self-management, the BRRR method (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance), and creative financing to build cash flow.

"Real estate has arguably the most financial benefit for a business owner than any other asset class. I am excited for the expansion that will take place by the end of 2024." Mario Garcia shares.

Mario Garcia's team believes that real estate, alone, is the easiest business because all it requires is creative financing, finding the hacks, and making sure the numbers every month create a positive cash flow

As a solar manager, Mario Garcia is dedicated to expanding sales skills among the younger generation. He teaches them how to resolve objections and persuade clients through education, emphasizing prospecting door to door and building clientele strictly from cold knocking.

"In the door to door aspect of our job, we see a massive return on our time. The reason we consider it a low risk career is because you're betting on yourself. All the communication that takes place on the doorstep can be learned as long as you're willing to work hard on and off the doors." Mario Garcia states, and adds, "Naturally, the fulfillment you get from helping people save tens of thousands of dollars while making tens of thousands, makes it easy to keep working on mastering your craft and improving your communication skills."

What sets Ivario Enterprises apart from their competition is their focus on customer service and creating a positive experience for homeowners. They believe in giving their clients peace of mind for the next 25 years with their decisions. They provide easy access to training and learning how to see $250k+ profits in both real estate and solar. Learn more about their newly achieved milestone here.

Ivario Enterprises, led by Mario Garica, is a company dedicated to maximizing real estate profits, increasing cash flow, building with creative financing and teaching individuals how to maximize their profits through solar energy sales acquired through learning how to sell door-to-door or D2C.

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